Monday, August 13, 2007

Much sadness. Just read the obit on Elizabeth Murray. Am at a loss. Has it been almost 30 years since the time that Bob Holman and Elizabeth met? The last communication i had from Bob was about Elizabeth resting but feeling stronger, and about a visit from Dakota and his wife and the grandchildren. And Daisy and Sophie are now adults. I remember when they were born... i remember those Christmas parties Bob and Elizabeth would have. I loved her retrospective at MoMA... it was perfect for the new spaces, one of the few where the paintings were scaled just right for those towering ceilings. I'm glad that Elizabeth lived long enough to see that happen.

The grey cat that had the kittens a few months ago (not the greay-and-white one that had the kittens in our backyard) has had another litter! This time, in the front, she's keeping those kittens in the evergreen bushes in the front! More kittens!


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