Monday, July 30, 2007

Though it rained over the weekend, the humidity is really exhausting. One note: we have no idea where the three kittens are. This morning, the kittens were in their new "nest" under the double fig trees... at least, they were there when Larry and Gary were sitting on the back porch in the morning. But sometime before noon, the mother cat came and moved them, we have no idea where. Well, we miss those kittens.

But now, it's out of our hands, we were trying to find out what to do, find homes for the kittens, call the animal shelter to come and get the cat and kittens, give them shots, etc.

Watched an English movie this afternoon, "A Place of One's Own", a 1945 film in which James Mason plays a man in his 60s! Today must be a James Mason day, because my order from Amazon UK came of the James Mason boxset (Region 2) which includes "5 Fingers", "Odd Man Out" and "The Man Between".


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