Monday, July 23, 2007

Some art news of note.

On July 10, Theresa Duncan killed herself; her boyfriend, Jeremy Blake, was distraught when he found the body. A week later, it was reported that he swam into the ocean, and his body has not been found.

Today in the NY Times, there's an article about problems with Elizabeth Streb's dance company, because the associate artistic director, Terry Dean Bartlett, has been fired. According to the Times, this stems from an in-performance accident which caused deeAnn Nelson to undergo surgery to place a rod in her back. The article talks about the fact that Streb Extreme Action is now in negotiations to buy the building in Brooklyn where their studio is located; in addition, an off-Broadway show is in the works. The fact that the first serious accident happened while these two ventures are in the works is cited as a factor in Bartlett's dismissal. (Evidently, he alerted the media about the accident, and arranged a benefit at Dance Theater Workshop which highlighted the accident.)

It's strange to read about people you know. Elizabeth was one of my best friends... but you never know what has happened since that time. The other week, there was an article about Gary Garrels and Annie Philbin, and their aims in terms of acquisition for the Hammer Museum. Of course, Annie and Elizabeth had been really good friends... but that was 25 yaers ago!

A lot has happened in the last few days... but Larry and i watched the latest Marple on PBS, "Nemesis", and we have to say it was really amusing. The ending really was a shock!


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