Sunday, July 29, 2007

The rain has finally started. We've been told that there would be thunder showers since Thursday, but nothing happened except more humidity. This morning it was oppressive: you could practically walk through the air.

An oddity: got a message from Maja Kluver (daughter of Billy Kluver and Olga Adorno) because she read an item on this blog about Olga's inclusion as one of the Ten Most Beautiful Women in the Warhol portraits. I remember her running around the loft at 537 Broadway while Jean Dupuy (her stepfather) was doing his Grommet Theater. So many of these children (Hannah and Jessica Higgins, Ain Gordon, Oona Mekas) are now adults. It was inevitable.

Well: the grey mother cat has had her latest litter of kittens. Three. They used to be under the fig tree next to the back fence, but last night, she moved them to the two fig trees closer to that wall that Darrin and Lydia put up. The three kittens are so cute! One (the all-grey one) loves to come out and explore! That kitten will go right up to you. The other two (one grey with white markings, the other white with grey markings) tend to be more cautious and stick together, but the all-grey one is very adventurous.

Because we've allowed all these vines and weeds to grow (we've got chamomile, jasmine, dill, and who knows what else), the fig trees have all this vegetation growing around... and there's so much stuff around the two fig trees that there is a lot of shelter for the kittens, as long as they don't try to come out into the yard. There's a real canopy under the trees.

Last night, Larry and i watched "Finding Neverland". This isn't one of those Brit films like "Calendar Girls" or "Driving Lessons" (which we watched earlier this week), that is, a true British film with a British cast and crew. This was more a pseudo-British film, an American production with a mostly-Brit cast. And it was initially rather twee and precious. And it stayed twee and precious, but we enjoyed it all the same, and Julie Christie and Kate Winslet were very moving.


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