Saturday, July 28, 2007

The humidity is getting to me: i always get so enervated when it's humid. But this afternoon went to the Asia Society so that i could introduce the program of shorts which i selected, culled from festivals past. This is the 30th Asian-American International Film Festival, i can't believe it. Anyway, it was funny because the program kept changing: at the last minute, one film which was programmed didn't arrive, but another film was located, etc. Shows you how difficult it is to coordinate some of these programs. So the program wound up consisting of: "New Freedom" by Camera Obscura (nee Esther Koohan Paik); "Soybean Milk" by Justin Lin; "PoMo Knock Knock" by Greg Pak; "Bubblehead" by Julia Cho; "East Broadway" by Karin Chien and Kevin Lee; "United Nations of Hip Hop" by Christina Choe; and "Penis Envy" by Mina Park. Because of the problems, some films dropped out ("Punky Junky Girlz" by Nisha Ganatra), other films were added at the alst minute ("New Freedom"), and the order of the program was set to emphasize a certain feminist logic (begin with "New Freedom" and end with "Penis Envy"). It was fun, it went smoothly, some of the filmmakers were there (Karin Chien and Kevin Lee; Mina Park) and there was a nice q&a after.

But while there, ran into Corky Lee, who told me some distressing news about Tom Tam. Brain cancer, it's inoperable, he's in a very bad way. Very depressing news, especially since the Asian-American International Film Festival wouldn't have been started without him. It was his idea to start the festival in the first place.

And Larry ran into Trika yesterday: on Monday she starts her chemotherapy treatments. And Trika said that Annette Michelson has leukemeia.

So bad news. But yesterday i had my follow-up doctor's appointment. My cholesterol has dropped, so taking the pills has worked for me, my cholesterol went from 180 to 101.

But glad that ACV seems to be able to continue.


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