Sunday, July 15, 2007

Today, i saw something very sad: the gray alleycat that was the mother was in the front yard next door (where her little baby died) and was sniffing around. I haven't seen the mother cat in about two weeks, but there she was, looking for her baby.

Well, Christine and i went to the screening of Danny Boyle's "Sunshine". I have to say i enjoyed it. In a way, it was so... comforting, because it was such a... i shouldn't say derivative, but it's like it was made from parts of "Alien" and "Forbidden Planet" and all sorts of other sci-fi movies. But it was very well-paced, and it was entertaining and the actors were obviously having a good time.

Yesterday, i watched "The Chatterley Affair", a very enjoyable movie about the obscenity trial in 1960. I can't believe that it took so long for that book to be cleared of the charge of obscenity. But one thing: if the film was made in the last year or so, then i have to say that Claire Bloom looks absolutely fantastic!


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