Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Stopped by Entertainment Outlet to get a few more DVDs for gifts; was glad that i had told Richard Kostelanetz about "Music in My Heart", the 1939 Columbia Pictures musical starring Rita Hayworth and Tony Martin, with a special appearance by Andre kostelanetz. There were still a bunch of copies for $4.99. Anyway, ran into Margo Jefferson while walking after the screening of the doc "Matthew Barney: No Restraint" at the IFC Center.

Larry and i went to Modell's to get the lined-jeans on sale when i got back home. Watched the TCM "Private Screenings: Stanley Donen". Larry and i tried to watch "3 Needles" on one of the Showtime stations, but it was so earnest and draggy. Stockard Channing was very good, though. Decided might as well just get it over with, so filled out my ballot for the indieWire film critics poll (this used to be the Village Voice poll). For the record, my top ten this year (as of December 6, 2006): 1) "Army of Shadows"; 2) "The Decay of Fiction"; 3) "The Case of the Grinning Cat"; 4) "Inland Empire"; 5) "Iraq in Fragments"; 6) "Heading South"; 7) "Fratricide"; 8) "4"; 9) "Lunacy"; 10) "The Death of Mr. Lazarescu". Best Director: Lajos Koltai, "Fateless". Best Screenplay: Daniel Burman, "Family Law". Best First Feature: "Hamilton" (directed by Matthew Porterfield). Best Documentary: "The Times We've Seen" (by Marcel Ophuls). Best Cinematography: Daniel Tumblety, "Sweetland".

Oh, well... i wonder where some of my selections will wind up.


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