Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A lot over the past few days. Bill Jones came to town for his two screenings at MIX, which was at the new 3-Legged-Dog space on Rector Street. On Saturday, we went to Chelsea to do a gallery crawl, it's like a parade, there are so many people (ran into Evan and Dara Meyers-Kingsley and kids, Fred Wilson and Whitfield Lovell). On Sunday, went to AMMI to see "Celine and Julie Go Boating" and when i got there i went to the desk and asked if i could pick up tickets for the special two-day screening of "Out One" and the guy at the deak laughed at me and told me not to worry, there's no way it's going to b a sell-out.

Larry reminded me that there is an invitation from Ludwig about his wedding. Reminds me of an episode from the Mary Tyler Moore Show, when Edie invites Lou Grant (her ex-husband) to her wedding. What did Christopher Durang say? The Mary Tyler Moore Show always has a comment perfect for every occasion. In this case, Lou says, i can handle it. And Mary says, Ooooh, Mr. Grant, that's for someone who's a hip, happening, with-it kind of guy. And Lou sayd, yeah, that's me, and Mary says, No, that's... Sonny Bono, that's not you!

My horoscope in the Daily News tells me that i shouldn't just accept any job, because i can't do everything. I really can't do the AAARI movie series this winter, because i had nothing to do with the selection of the movies, and i won't speak about films i have no interest in. That's it. I won't be used to pretend that i had something to do with something i didn't.

But because i'm depressed about that, i feel like sleeping. I always sleep when i'm depressed!

Went to the Kiki Smith press preview this morning. My god: she's like the artworld equivalent of Joyce Carol Oates! She just won't stop. There was the ICP show a few years ago, and the MoMA show of prints, multiples and drawings.... now this. It's like visual diarrhea.

Saw Ursula Van Rydingsvard at the preview but she was kibbutzing so i didn't get a chane to talk to her. After all, we were in the same welding class at Columbia University. I saw Amei Wallach checking in when i was in the elevator on the way up, but then i never saw her in the exhibit. I wanted to tell her that i saw the piece Ray Johnson did of her in the show at Feigen. Talked with Carey Lovelace. But getting to the Whitney was a nightmare: something was wrong with uptown service on the Lexington Avenue local line. It put me in a foul mood....

Larry pointed out that a piece comes from the collection of Tom and Coleen. Reminds me that Coleen once called me (decades ago) about Colab, which she was starting, but i didn't like the people. In particular, i didn't like Jenny Holzer and Kiki Smith, whom i found to be particularly obnoxious. And every time since then that i've run into Kiki Smith, she pulls this crap act where she tries to pretend to have an accent. I mean: please! The girl grew up in New Jersey. This airy-fairy German/French/Italian accent bit is tiresome! And she always acts like she never met me before. Well, maybe i never met her.

(Besides, the problem with Colab was that all of them were my age, but i was WAY ahead of them in terms of my career at that point, so i didn't feel like going back to kindergarten and hanging with les enfants.)

But even though i thought Colab was a crock, that never stopped me from staying friends with Coleen.


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