Thursday, November 09, 2006

The election is over; as of today, theDemocrats seemed to have won. Slim margins, but they are now the majority party in the House and the Senate. Bush's reponse: fire Donald Rumsfeld. I wish that Bush could be fired. Larry and i voted, but i couldn't stand to watch the election returns. Too nervewracking. Can't believe that Alan Hevesi won, after all the "scandal" over his use of state funds for his wife.

Finally finished my (short) article on (some) avantgarde films available on DVD. Will try to finish my short piece on Gillo Pontecorvo today. The reason for the article is that the last time i ever saw Susan Sontag was at the press screening for the rerelease of BATTLE OF ALGIERS, and i wanted to include her comment on the film.

It was my brother's birthday yesterday, i had wanted to go over there but it was raining all day. This is the soggiest year in a long time. But we'll see if the last of the figs finally get ripe, since the next few days are supposed to be warm.


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