Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween. This morning, a grey cat came to the back porch, took the pink tarp that we use to cover the front basement door when it rains, and proceeded to play with it, essentially ripping it and rummaging around in it. (It had been on the back porch, drying out from the weekend.) Then the large grey-and-white cat came and chased the grey cat away... and now they're both gone. Oh, well, when the black-and-white cat died, we thought the cats had deserted our back yard, but i guess we were wrong.

Dave Kehr reviews the Martin-and-Lewis Collection in the NY Times. He's really very perceptive about 1950s show biz. There's a big article about the Whitney changing its plans re: expansion. Maybe it won't expand on Madison Avenue after all, but build a second site downtown. Well, onto Albers and Moholy-Nagy. Richard Gilman died. More on that later. Did our subscription to Vanity Fair lapse? Went online and read James Wolcott about "red states-blue states" and must say he's been really sharp lately, especially about behind-the-scenes political dealings. (His piece on all those right-wing wordsmiths, cf. Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, etc. was hilarious.)


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