Sunday, December 03, 2006

My foot hurts... could be the onset of a gout attack. Taking it easy: wrapping presents. Left a message with my sister: will she be sending a package to Karyn? If not, then i'll mail her my stuff myself. Will try to mail stuff off tomorrow.

We didn't get the city section of the Times this morning. Home delivery is not as reliable as it's supposed to be.

Watched "Le Jour se leve" on IFC.

Coincidences. The day i posted my comments after attending the Kiki Smith preview, i got an e.mail from Coleen Fitzgibbon! Just as i heard from Roddy Bogawa and Rico Martinez within a week, and then Larry told me about Helen Molesworth getting the new job at Harvard. Art in America came with an article about the Louise Lawler retrospective that was held at the Wexner, which Helen curated. So many coincidences....

Of course, when i mentioned this to Larry, he couldn't understand my point. Coleen was the person who started Colab, and she's married to Tom Otterness, and one of the pieces in the Kiki Smith exhibition is one which Coleen and Tom have in their collection. Helen Molesworth was Roddy Bogawa's girlfriend when they were at UCSD, and Rico was one of their friends from UCSD. So i've known Helen since she was in school, and i met Louise when she had just graduated and was working for Leo Castelli. So if Helen had ever called me, i could have introduced her to Louise decades ago. I've known Coleen since 1973; i met Louise soon after that; i met Roddy and Helen in 1987, and Rico the year after. Then there are the associations: i met Coleen through Carolee Schneemann, Carolee had a guest teaching job at the Art Institute of Chicago, and Coleen and Margie Keller were two of the students there. They were coming to NYC, and Carolee told them to look me up. Which they did. They also came with Christa Maiwald, but Christa had a hot date and so it was just Coleen and Margie who came to dinner. When i was hanging out with Dione Hemberger, Louise was her friend, and so when i'd go to openings at the Leo Castelli Gallery, i'd hang out with Louise in the front, watching everyone else trying to position themselves in this artworld constellation. Bob Harris started working as the assistant in what was the video program at Anthology which was started by Shigeko Kubota, but he eventually went to UCSD to get his Masters so he could get a teaching job. While there, he'd tell some of the other people in the program to get in touch with me, especially the Asian-American filmmakers. That's where Roddy came in, and Rico. But when the video program started, i was working at Anthology, as the managing editor of Film Culture Magazine, and my office was in the basement, where George Macuinas lived. And yesterday, we got the annual Christmas letter from Geoff Hendricks and Sur Rodney Sur, with the little descriptions of the various Flux events which they participated in during the year.


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