Monday, October 23, 2006

Just got back from BAM where i saw Jonas Mekas's program (the first in a series devoted to Brooklyn filmmaking; Jonas showed "Williamsburg, Brooklyn" which was a film culled from footage Jonas shot in the 1950s when he lived in Brooklyn, and "Letter from Greenpoint" which is a digital video Jonas shot in 2004 when he was moving out of his loft in Soho and into his house in Greenpoint). Jonas wasn't there (he sent a little "video intro") but ran into Jon Gartenberg and Vyt Bakaitis.

Got two comments on my blog from "JasonKinky" asking about the availability of DVDs from Bill Jones. Well: they're not available publicly. I tried to answer (privately) but the e.mails came back "no reply". If you read this blog, you'll know that Bill is a friend (he's coming to stay, again, in two weeks, because he has a screening at MIX) and that's why he sent the DVDs.

In the past few weeks, have heard from a number of people. Tom and Lynda's daughter Kristy will be in NYC starting in January, for five months: she'll be doing an internship at the "Today Show". It's amazing to think that a few years ago, when they came to NYC for a visit, they actually woke up so they could stand outside and be part of the Today Show audience!

Roddy Bogawa wrote about his baby. And he sent me the prospectus that he's written about his new film. I should really try to get together with him, find out what he's thinking. Konrad (one of the people who was on the NYFA Video Panel with me this year) had been a student of Roddy's, and said that Roddy was adamantly a "film" person, that Roddy couldn't see himself making the switch to digital. But so many people (including Andrew Noren and Ken Jacobs) are now trying to find ways to work in digital.

Spoke with Theodora Skipitares last week, wanted to invite her to the "Me and My Brother" press screening, but she'll be in Eastern Europe, where she'll be looking at puppetry there. A two week trip, but her nephew is coming to visit.

Speaking of Bill Jones, reminds me that i should try to get in touch with Stephen Kent Jusick about this year's MIX. Maybe there will be something exciting there....


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