Thursday, May 01, 2008

Have been seeing some of the films at the Tribeca Film Festival; must admit that at times it seems like a game of hide-and-seek, in that i'll go to a screening, feel a bit of a let-down, then run into someone who will say, oh, but did you see (fill-in-the-blank)? And then you feel like you've missed the elusive great film of the festival.

Since the festival officially started, have seen: "Savage Grace", "Boy A", "Lou Reed's Berlin", "The Aquarium", "The Universe of Keith Haring", "The 27 Club", "Somers Town", "Guest of Cindy Sherman", "Everywhere at Once", "Lake City", "Tennessee", "Profit Motive and the Whispering Wind", "Hidden in Plain Sight", "The Chicken, the Fish, and the King Crab". But i've had a wonderful time, one reason being that Tribeca is the kind of festival where you wind up running into friends, and having animated conversations about film. Example: yesterday, George Robinson and i wound up at the screening of "The Chicken, the Fish, and the King Crab", then later we decided to go to the reception for documentary filmmakers... where George and i had a great discussion about Preminger and the definition of film noir, because we were discussing "Daisy Kenyon" (just out from Fox on DVD as part of its Fox Noir series) and whether it belongs in the context of noir. (We did enjoy "The Chicken, the Fish, and the King Crab", which is a documentary done for Spanish television about the Bocuse d'Or, one of the most famous cooking contests in the world, and Jesus Almagro, the Spanish chef who was the country's representative. Ok, it's no great shakes as a work of art, but it's fun. It would be perfect for The Food Network, if The Food Network would show things with subtitles.)

But there's a lot to write about... the movie everyone is talking about that i missed (but hope to catch it before the festival ends) is Isild Le Besco's "Charly". That's what i mean: by the time everyone told me about it, i missed the screenings. But there's always something of interest.


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