Tuesday, April 15, 2008

George Robinson has a point: the masking might have been off for the screening of "Then She Found Me"; still, it's a fascinating movie in many ways, and i think it was also unusual because the Jewish themes were handled with surprising empathy. (I should also point out that, on George's blog, he has insightful comments on two recent movies, Tom McCarthy's "The Visitor" and Rafael Nadjari's "Tehilim"; his blog can be found at http://www.cine-journal.blogspot.com/.)

Dave Kehr reviewed new Chris Marker DVDs that are currently available through the Wexner Center website last week; this week, he reviews "Blast of Silence", the low-budget NYC indie from 1961 which has just been put on DVD from Criterion. That's the wonder of cinema: from high to low, there's something for everybody (almost). But Dave always has some interesting discussions on his website: http://davekehr.com/.


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