Sunday, April 13, 2008

Quick jottings.

Am appalled by the hideous crackdowns by the Chinese government, especially in relation to Tibet. The idea of the Olympics in Beijing was always suspect: it's so obviously a ploy by a lot of companies that have deals with the Olympics to get their brands into what is hoped is one of the largest markets in the world. But the human rights violations so prevalent in China aren't just some liberal smokescreen: China really has an inhuman government, with no consideration for people. And why should China care for people: they're so crowded that if a million people died, it would barely scratch the surface? So people are treated like so much garbage to be thrown out, and for capitalists, it's hoped that the garbage can be trained to be consumers to buy more garbage. It's just hideous, and China does have the upper hand, because it owns so much in terms of the American economy.

I'm amazed that in all the years i'd never seen "You Can't Have Everything": it was one of the better Fox musicals of the 1930s, with a clever backstage plot, some really good songs, and Alice Faye looking quite lovely (and in terrific voice). And Louise Hovick is funny. There was one of those vaudeville acts that i'd never heard of: Tip, Tap and Toe, who did an amazing tap dance routine. Plus all sorts of people show up to perform... like Louis Prima!

An article in the Style section of the NY Times about Lifetime trying to change its brand. It's adding "Project Runway" to its roster (after the Carson Kressley show "How To Look Better Naked"), and trying to move away from its image (the phrase "Lifetime movie" instantly connotes a particular type of woman-in-distress movie starring various TV personalities, such as Valerie Bertinelli, Heather Locklear, or Donna Mills). Funny article, especially since i spent last night watching "The Memory Keeper's Daughter".

It seems as if Nigella Lawson's shows (she had three: "Nigella Bites", "Nigella Feasts" and "Nigella Express") are being phased out on the Food Network. This after they've gotten rid of/downsized people like Emeril Lagasse and Mario Batali. As Martha Stewart might say, not a good thing.


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