Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today (thursday) the Tribeca Film Festival was in full swing. There's a press office and a Target-Tribeca Lounge: all these are located around The New School on Fifth Avenue just below 14th Street. Larry and i went to see Tom Kalin's "Savage Grace"; we went to the First Filmmakers reception at the Target-Tribeca Lounge; i went to see the English film "Boy A", then Julian Schnabel's "Lou Reed's Berlin". Immediately, must say that Schnabel continues with his appropriations of the styles of Brakhage, Jonas Mekas, other experimentalists of the 1960s... this works quite well in the context of the Lou Reed concert. Perhaps not a perfect match, but close enough not to be jarring.

Tuesday went to the press screening for Harmony Korine's "Mister Lonely". Wednesday, the press screening for Amos Poe's "Empire II". Perplexing, paradoxical experiences.

Ran into Amy Taubin between tonight, between "Boy A" and "Lou Reed's Berlin". A discussion of blogging culture. Can one simply opt out of what is now such a dominant cultural discourse? Amy believes that one can counter the diary jottings which make up so much of blog culture. I'm not so sure.

Must admit that without Michael Giltz wouldn't have any idea what's happening on American Idol. Which remainds me: must check Michael's blog (with its link to his Huffington Post coverage of American Idol) to see what he thought of the results show. (

Want to write more, but need to get some sleep if i'm going to try to make it to more movies tomorrow vis-a-vis the Tribeca Film Festival. If i'm not mistaken, hope to catch the movie about David Hockney and the movie about Cindy Sherman. This year, that seems to be a big thing: movies about artists (just as in other years, it's been docs about rock-and-roll).


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