Sunday, March 23, 2008

On The View, Barbara Walters was talking about how Easter has changed, just as an annual holiday. It used to be the time of the year when everyone would get new clothes, and Easter Sunday was the day when everyone dressed up. But now, the consumerist economy has made shopping so ubiquitous, and the novelty of new clothes is no longer a sign of the new season.

Some notes. Thomas Beard and Ed Halter have started a new screening space. It's called Light Industry, and it's located in the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn, at 55 33rd Street. Right now, they're having screenings on Tuesday nights, and they're having different people curate the programs. It's a good idea, and i hope i'll get to some of the screenings. Information on Light Industry can be found at

The New York Underground Film Festival is in its 15th year. Evidently, this will be the final edition.

Ed Halter was one of the founders of the New York Underground Film Festival; he's moving on, so i guess it's time for the festival to move on as well.


Blogger Ed Halter said...

Hey Daryl! Thanks for the mention. But I must clarify: our shows at Light Industry are on Tuesdays, and I was not the founder of NYUFF (thought it's a common misconception.) Bizarrely enough, the festival was in fact founded by Todd Phillips, who is now a Hollywood director of frat-pack comedies like Old School and Starsky & Hutch!

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