Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Political news: well, Spitzer did it, he resigned, and Obama won the Mississippi primary. So much happening politically.

Seeing more movies at ND/NF: "Wonderful Town", "Trouble the Water", "Soul Carriage", and today "A Lost Man" but missed "La Zona". Still thinking about them, and also about some trends that seem to be developing from watching these movies.

Talked to Eileen Bowser yesterday, she told me about a very exciting find: a short from Edison from 1913, called "Jackson's Joke", which would appear to be the first sound film made in the US. The wax cylinder has not been found (yet) but according to Eileen, the way the movie is made (with the performers yelling in the direction of the camera), it could only be a sound experiment.

Talked to Adrienne Mancia today, and congratulated her on the weekend programs at BAM Cinematek: Manoel De Oliviera was here, at the age of 100! And we talked about meeting him and his wife (glad to hear that Mme. De Oliviera is still active as well, she's such a lovely, smart woman) when "Doomed Love" played at ND/NF (in the late 1980s). Adrienne had a great line about Manoel De Oliviera: "He doesn't look a day over 70!"

On TCM, Sam Fuller's "Underworld USA" will be coming up; haven't seen it in decades, so that's also pretty exciting. But can't wait for the news and the reports about Spitzer.


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