Thursday, March 13, 2008

According to the Associated Press, ICF International of Virginia (the company hired to dole out relief to the victims of Hurricane Katrina) has done nothing for almost 50% of the people: people call their offices, and get no answer, etc. Yet this company has posted record profits for the year, it has gone public, and has now gotten more government contracts. For what? For NOT helping people?

The Bush administration has so much to answer for, but this is ridiculous: it's such a disgrace that Bush and his cronies are making fortunes on the misery of the American people.

Right now, "Pete Seeger: The Power of Song" is on Channel 13, the same doc i saw last year at Tribeca.

Today, saw the Korean horror movie "Epitaph" and the Japanese movie "Megane" at the ND/NF press screenings.

Facebook is becoming very amusing. Yesterday, was sent a notice that claimed that Facebook may be overpopulated, and that it may be forced to close accounts of people who haven't been using it regularly. But that might not happen. But there are all sorts of "games" on Facebook, all these weird little movie quizzes. Of course, most of the quizzes are "current" in terms of the popular American commercial movies of the moment, most of which i haven't seen. What's scary is that i'll take one of those quizzes, and i'll be able to figure it out. I don't even have to see the movies.


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