Monday, March 10, 2008

Much has been happening, but the news has been so sensational: when i got home (three press screenings for New Directors/New Films), the only thing on the news was the scandal about Elliot Spitzer! The governor of New York has been caught in the middle of an investigation of a prostitution ring.

Anyway: since Friday, have been seeing movies for ND/NF. "Munyurangabo", "Water Lilies", "Foster Child", "Slingshot Hip Hop" and "Correction" (previously seen, the Israeli film "Jellyfish").

On Sunday, went to the memorial for Tom Tam.

The political scene is incredibly volatile right now. There has been a brouhaha about the Clinton-Obama race among the Democrats. The idea that one of them should concede right now (when they're really neck-and-neck) is really preposterous. It's true that now that there is a (presumptive) candidate for the Republican Party, John McCain, there should be the beginning of a campaign against him, but the excitement that the Democratic race is generating is remarkable.

Wonder what will happen tomorrow with Spitzer. Will he resign? What are his options?


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