Monday, March 03, 2008

Sad news this weekend: an announcement from the Asian-American/Asian Research Institute of CUNY that Tom Tam died. He'd been fighting cancer for the last two years (a brain tumor) and at the last Asian-American Film Festival, Corky Lee told me that Tom was in a bad way.

AAARI was only one of the many organizations which Tom started: it was his idea to start the Asian-American Film Festival. Though Asian Cinevision is now going through more permutations, trying to keep up with the rapidly changing media landscape, the Asian-American International Film Festival is still around.

On other fronts: Bill Jones and Mark Flores arrived late last night, and while we were waiting for them, i fooled around with Facebook. Norman Wang was the person who signed me up for it, and now i'm seeing what i can do with it. One thing: this morning, Norman sent me a clip of a short film by Wong Kar-Wai... but once i viewed it, i don't know how to access it anymore. And i would have liked to send it on to a few more people....

Jonathan Rosenbaum retired from the Chicago Reader last week. Can't believe he's been there for 20 years!


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