Friday, May 04, 2007

The last day of press screenings at Tribeca yesterday. Was going to go to see the press screening of "Little Dieter Needs to Fly" at Film Forum, and then go to the remainder of the Tribeca screenings. But there were problems on the D train: it took forever for the D train to get to 36th Street, and then it stopped several times en route to Manhattan. By the time i got to the West 4th Street station, it was a little after 11, so i would have been late to "Little Dieter", so i decided to just continue and go to the Loew's 34th Street....

So i wound up seeing 5 movies: "Black Butterfly" from Peru, "Shame" a documentary, "Shut Eye Hotel" a cartoon short by Bill Plympton, "The Last Jews of Libya" and "Nanking". "Nanking" was the doc which was shown at Sundance....

John Ford's "Gideon of Scotland Yard" was on TCM, a good color print. I think it's a charming film, but i wonder when the English release print will ever surface (it ran 118 minutes in England; in the US it ran 91 minutes... since it's episodic, it's easy to see that things could be cut out or added, but almost half an hour is a substantial loss).

Larry and i then watched "Notes on a Scandal" (rented from Netflix). We hadn't caught it in theaters, though so many friends told us they loved it. It's fast-paced, and it's hilariously bitchy. It was very enjoyable, though why it was so enjoyable is a little hard to pin down.

Tribeca announced its prizes: "My Father My Lord" won for best narrative feature. From the films i saw, that was a good choice.

Today am waiting for my sister and brother-in-law to come by. He's going to look in our basement, because we've got some of those flying termites which seemed to come after the rains. But it's Audrey Hepburn afternoon on TCM....


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