Thursday, April 26, 2007

Anyway, yesterday, went to the dentist, appointment changed so it was earlier, 10:45 instead of 11:30... had a toothache a few weeks ago... turns out my right back bottom molar was disintegrating! So by 11:30, my tooth was pulled! I'm starting to feel old. But that did in my plans to go to five press screenings: i just wanted to go home, because my mouth was full of cotton gauze....

Charles came by last night, to give us some plants for the backyard. So hopefully, we'll be able to have some more flowers this year.

But talked to Christine, and she said there was an article in The New Yorker about aging.

But have to see what other press screenings are coming up, there are actually a lot of interesting movies this year at the Tribeca Film Festival.


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