Thursday, May 03, 2007

A lot to report; even before the day has gotten started, e.mails came in with a lot of news.

Raj Roy was just announced as the new Director of the Department of Film at The Museum of Modern Art. That's surprising in some ways. The trajectory of his career: from MIX to the Guggenheim Museum to the Hamptons Film Festival to MoMA.

The NewFest announced opening and closing night films: Duncan Roy's "The Picture of Dorian Gray" as opener, "Save Me" with Chad Allen and Robert Gant (they also produced) as closer.

The Cannes Film Festival has announced a special sidebar called Cannes Classics... and there's a list of films. Dave Kehr must be cursing the day he was born, because three of the films will be Laurence Olivier's Shakespeare trio, "Henry V", "Hamlet" and "Richard III" (which Dave reviewed when Criterion put out the DVD boxset, calling the films the most incompetently directed films this side of Ed Wood, in fact, claiming that Ed Wood was a superior director to Olivier). Another film is "Yo Yo", that Pierre Etaix neo-silent comedy. It's listed as "date and country unknown". What's the matter with people? Can't anyone do a little research? "Yo Yo" was made in 1967 in France. And i saw it at the Thalia in about 1970! Please!


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