Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Quick notes. Yesterday, went to three films at Tribeca, bringing my grand total (to date) to 30 films seen so far. The three yesterday: "The Power of the Game", Michael Apted's doc on soccer (very much a "sports film" in a commercial sense, in that it's not about "the game" in that we don't really see a full game, but it's about the social and political ramifications, how soccer affects society, etc.); "The Cake Eaters", directed by Mary Stuart Masterson; "My Father My Lord" from Israel, a very moving, somber drama about the Hasidic community.

Will try to write more on all these films, but just a note. Yesterday was a Music and Art reunion day: when i went into the screening of "My Father My Lord" i saw Barry from Queens, M&A Class of 1970... to other people, he's known as Barry Sonnenfeld... i almost went up to say, Barry from Queens M&A 1970 but Wendy Liddell came in and we started talking.

Then after the screenings i went up to meet Debby (also M&A 1970) for the screening of "Paris Je t'aime" (a dud of a movie). If i'd gone to the Louise Nevelson press opening at the Jewish Museum, i would have run into Anne Scher, the Jewish Museum's publicist (M&A 1970). It would have been a triple header.

Turns out that the afterparty for "Paris Je t'aime" was at the Yves Saint Laurent store on Fifth Avenue... and it turned out to be a party where, if you bought a "Downtown Bag", the proceeds (or part thereof) went to Anthology Film Archives. And Stephanie Gray was there, and so was Oona Mekas!

Perhaps it's not a small world, perhaps it's just a limited one.


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