Monday, April 16, 2007

The Nor'easter worked its way through NYC (April 15), causing massive flooding. 7 inches of rain! Of course, it caused flooding in our basement, and hysteria all around. But our neighbors also had flooding. There's nothing you can do to stop all that water!

Anyway, haven't seen much, but looking forward to this week's press screenings. george Robinson ( has some thoughtful comments about Resnais's "Private Fears in Public Spaces", which just opened, and also "Red Road", which also just opened.

James Lyons died. An obit in the Times. Very sad. The last time i saw him, he was telling me about the research he was doing for a short film he wanted to make. In the Times, there was a mention about a short film about Andy Warhol, which was never made. (Jim had worked on Mary Harron's "I Shot Andy Warhol".)

I'm exhausted from staying up, using the Shop-Vac trying to get some of the water out, so that the amount of water in the basement wasn't worse. Of course, we're not in a place like Sea Bright, where everything's flooded with inches of water.

But it was rather sobering to wake up and see the NY Times and read the obit for Jim Lyons. I wish he had been able to make his own film. I do remember the time he and Christine Vachon curated the peepshow exhibition as part of MIX. That was a lot of fun, it was done at Ann Street (i think).


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