Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My gosh, haven't blogged since Easter, and a lot has been happening. Nothing new in tems of movies (really) but a lot in the news.

The brouhaha over Don Imus just smacks of hypocrisy. It's a way for a lot of hypocrites to feel superior to Imus: they just haven't been caught. Even if i thought Imus's comments were offensive, what was more offensive (really offensive) was the holier-than-thou attitude of the Rutgers team. Their press conference literally reeked of self-righteousness. They didn't take the high road, they took the road of least resistance and just played the victim card. Hey, they're girl jocks, for chrissakes! Toughen up! The whole incident is disgusting, because no one is coming out of this looking good. And the thought police are all over this!

Now people are talking about Imus getting fired.

The Duke University lacrosse players were vindicated today. I don't see the people who are all over, screaming about Don Imus, apologizing to those boys for what's happened.

It's like Don Imus talked to Al Sharpton. Do i hear Al Sharpton apologizing to those boys? (Why should he? Because if fair is fair, then they were unfairly prosecuted because of the lies of a black woman.) Does the name Tawana Brawley mean anything? Has Al Sharpton ever apologized to the people he tried to have prosecuted in that case? Has he ever apologized to the police officers he tried to get fired because of their "assault" (which was proven to be false) on Tawana Brawley? (I know the answer: no, he has not. Al Sharpton has never acknowledged his culpability.)

There's been an announcement on extensions on tours-of-duty for the military. Everyone in the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force can expect longer tours in Iraq. The military is being stretched thin, and it's totally unfair.

If the Shiites (who had wanted US intervention) now want the US to leave Iraq, why are we still there? The Sunnis don't want the US there. Who wants us in Iraq, except for Halliburton (which has already made billions)? But George Bush and Dick Cheney will never answer for anything. Dick Cheny can shoot someone, and the person he shoots apologizes to him! What kind of world do Bush and Cheney live in? It's too frightening to think about.

One thing i realized a few weeks ago.... on his blog, Doug Cummings wrote very discerningly about Alain Resnais's "Muriel" (which recently came out on DVD through Koch Lorber), and talked about the political ramifications of the film, how it was very daring in dealing with the Algerian War at a time when that conflict was still "present" in France....

And it occurred to me that one of the only shows on TV to deal with Iraq has been "The L Word"! I'm not kidding! Iraq has not been mentioned on "Heroes" or "Lost" or "The Office" or "My Name Is Earl" or "Entourage" or "The Sopranos"....

NO! Unless i'm mistaken, it's only been "The L Word"!


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