Thursday, April 12, 2007

Omigosh, Don Imus was fired from CBS; Les Moonves has issued one of the most hypocritical statements ever.

Was Imus's comment offensive? Of course. But he's been offensive before. That's his job.

Oh, well....

Anyway, watched "Living on Love" (the remake of "Rafter Romance") and "A Man to Remember" (the remake of "One Man's Journey") on TCM, in addition to "Stingaree". Of the three, "Living on Love" was the least interesting. "Rafter Romance" had some sparkle (and Ginger Rogers was very charming in 1933), but "Living on Love" was rather flat, and Whitney Bourne was really bland, almost nondescript.

"Stingaree", like "Sweet Adeline", has a lot of charm; Irene Dunne in operetta mode is delightful, and the movie is well-paced, it's fast and funny. It's a real find....


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