Friday, March 30, 2007

Today is Friday, March 30. I'm still "recovering" from the colonostopy. It's not that anything went wrong, i just feel a little... bloated. It's like the day before, everyone talks about that stuff you have to drink, which causes you to empty out. So Wednesday was a blur of rushing to the bathroom. Then i went to the doctor's office on Thursday, and once i got the anesthetic, i didn't feel a thing until i woke up... and then i felt woozy, bloated and gassy. It was funny, it's as if everything out of me, except gas. But enough of that, i did get a colonostopy, everyone over 50 should get one, but the two days have been a blur of that nauseous drink and a gassy feeling. But it's not bad.

However, it reminds me that my initial feeling when i heard the press report about Tony Snow's cancer returning is: how desperate can the Repubicans be? Two weeks ago, there was the announcement about Elizabeth Edwards... so now the Republicans have to pull out someone with a recurring cancer. That's how cynical i'm getting (?) about this administration. (Ok, so i've always been cynical about this administration.) I wouldn't put anything past George Bush.

As mentioned, there are really good movies playing around. Of course, in some cases, i've seen them at festivals, etc. Certainly, one movie that opened that i love is Charles Burnett's "Killer of Sheep". Larry and i have seen it several times; in fact, i used to have a VHS tape of the film. Larry and i had a great time, when we hung out with the Burnetts the year we went to the San Sebastian Film Festival. He was there as a juror, and they also showed his features as a sidebar ("Killer of Sheep", "My Brother's Wedding" and "Sleeping With Anger"). But is this the first theatrical run of the film? If it is, then this is another film (like "Army of Shadows") which deserves consideration at the end of the year.

But there are also other movies, such as "U-Carmen", "Offside", "The Page Turner", "The Cats of Mirikitani", which are currently playing, which are all exceptional. One movie i haven't seen, but which i'm interested in, is "The Hawk is Dying", it's based on a Harry Crews novel, but it's also directed by Julian Goldberger, who made the indie feature "Trans". The reviews haven't been very good, but that's to be expected. If it's anything like "Trans", then i suspect it's very amorphous, with a concentration on visual texture rather than narrative development.

But i'm taking it easy....


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