Thursday, March 02, 2006

"American Idol" and "Skating With Celebrities"

Ok, so it did snow, though it seemed more like rain. But i got home around 7:10, and i had to put salt on the steps and the walkway. Actually, it's... calcium caltrate? I think that's what we're using. And then the icy layer would crack, and i'd have to take the shovel and remove the ice, and then i'd have to put more calcium caltrate on, so that the thin sheet of water wouldn't just freeze.... i did that about three times.

Anyway, watched "American Idol" to see who got kicked off. It's actually not accurate to say the contestants were "voted off": it's a popularity contest, and the ones with the lowest vote count have to leave. I watched the show yesterday, and it was amusing. I see what people (including Michael Giltz) mean when they talk about the "Teen Beat" factor. Several of the "men" seeme barely past puberty. (Kevin, especially.)

Well, as Larry and i thought, Brenna Gethers and Heather Cox are now off the show. Of the men, Jose "Sway" Penala and David Radford. I was surprised by David Radford's low score: not because he was that good, but because, of the barely-pubescent boys, he was the cutest. You'd think that would count for something. But his choice of song was totally wrong for his demographic. "The Way You Look Tonight". In that, he was like the child John Stevens last year. One of these baby-faced children raised to be lounge singers. (John Stevens actually did a gig at Feinstein's a few months ago; Stephen Holden actually gave him a decent review.) The cruel thing is that those who are told they're leaving the show have to sing a final number. Actually, Brenna Gethers was better tonight than she was two nights ago! What confidence that girl has!

"Skating with Celebrities" was amusing, because the "scandal" (did Lloyd Eisler actually leave his wife for Kristy Swanson?) Seems to have helped. Besides, they won! Too bad Jillian Barberie took that tumble during their routine, because she and John Zimmerman were doing pretty good. But that was nothing: the Olympic pairs comeptition was filled with people falling.

Watching "Lady and the Tramp" on DVD (on the advice of Dave Kehr in The New York Times, who commended it as one of the very best of the Disney animated features). As Larry is happy to remind people, "Lady and the Tramp" marked one of the only times (maybe the only time) that someone sued Disney and won: Peggy Lee sued because she wasn't receiving her royalties on the music to "Lady and the Tramp". And she won.

I'm exhausted. One more day of this panel. With the NYCSA audit last Friday, that's six days of "work". Which is ok, but i'm sorry to have missed some of the Rendezvous press screenings.

Ok. From the "buzz" i'm getting from LA, there's really a "backlash" against "Brokeback Mountain". And, as i've suggested, there's no way that the 5,800 people who couldn't see themselves nominating Ang Lee for "Sense and Sensibility" are suddenly going to throw him an award. In the crassest LA tems possible: a chink directing a fag movie, and they expect awards? In what dreamworld?

Maybe it will happen, but i have an awful feeling that all those gay Oscar parties are going to be let down. Hollywood remains the most curiously closeted town in the world. It's like everyone knows who's gay, but nobody (except a few crazy Brits, like Ian McKellan and Rupert Everett) admits it. There are gay directors, producers, and writers, but there seem to be no gay actors (unless you count the ones who toil in indie films, like Craig Chester).

I've still got to write up that audit!


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