Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Quick note(s).

Obviously (grammar always worries me) my blog of last night should have read "be gone" instead of "be go" in terms of the "American Idol" contestants. (I've got another dilemma tonight: do i go to the gym, or am i a slothful slob and stay home and watch "American Idol"? Hmmm....)

Evidently there's a controversy a-brewin' re: the Whitney Biennial. Another Hmmm.... and it's already online! The Anonymous Art Bitch has blogged the info.

And i'm going to be stuck in another panel meeting! Boy, next week better be filled with excitement! (Actually, this weekend is filled with excitement: the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday, and the Academy Awards on Sunday. I don't know if it's excitement, exactly... but some kind of fun.)


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