Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Senior moments!

I kept trying to remember the name of the woman who worked at Anthology, who was Anne Thompson's friend... and it kept bothering me for hours.... and then... somehow i think it was Arlene Zeichner....

But Anne's statement (this is sometime in 1980-82) that she didn't think Hollywood would ever change enough for nonwhites to direct in Hollywood... well, times do change....

Re: "Brokeback Mountain", two statements that i remember. One is from Gregg Araki, circa 1992 or so, it was made at a panel on "New Queer Cinema" and Gregg said that gay audiences really don't want "radical" movies ("New Queer Cinema"), they tolerate it because there's not much else out there, what gay audiences really want is "Gone With the Wind" only instead of Scarlett and Rhett, they want Rhett and Brett.

And James Schamus (after a year of saying that "gay movies" had only limited potential in terms of box office, but then seeing the interest in "Poison" which he initially did NOT want to produce) said, "You know, if you could figure out how to make a family gay film, you could clean up!"

(In 1989, who could have imagined a "family gay film"?)


Blogger arrose1 said...

Hey Darryl - how are you? I work at Intel now covering the filn vertical and still know Anne Thompson - her daughter babysits my daughter.

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