Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Once again, i've disgraced myself at one of these panel meetings! The classic was during the very first ITVS panel meeting (when was that? decades ago)... we were given a set of "rules", i.e., we would watch the work sample, we would discuss, and then move on. We could NOT call back something during the first go-around; we could do once we finished with the first round, just make a note and that work would be recalled. Well, wouldn't you know it? (I hope this is not being indiscreet.) On the third day (and we were there for what seemed like an eternity), Julie Zando (the video artist) wanted to go back to something that we had gone through two or three applicants before. Suddenly, i heard a voice screaming, "NO! We cannot go back now! We were told we could only go back after the first go-around!" And that voice was mine!


I did it again!

I should be muzzled!


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