Monday, March 15, 2010

Sometimes, when i log in, i wind up reading the blogs that i follow: Reid Rosefeld's "Speedcine: My Life As a Blog", George Robinson's "Cine-Journal", Joe Baltake's "The Passionate Moviegoer", Arthur S.'s "This Pig's Alley", Michael O'Sullivan's reviews and comments, Iain Stott's "One-Line Film Reviews". And there are other blogs and online sites: IndieWire, Carrie Rickey's blog, Anne Thompson's blog. After a certain point, you just start reading and it's very enticing, and i often feel that i don't really have anything to add.

I have to say: i loved Arthur S.'s analysis of Kiju Yoshida's "Kaigenrei", it's a wonderful close reading of that film, but he's done a similarly detailed critique of Fuller's "Run of the Arrow". Joe Baltake's round-up of the March offerings on Turner Classic Movies begins with his tribute to Ginger Rogers, as he notes, she was always more than just Fred Astaire's dance partner, but one of the most accomplished comediennes of the 1930s. Reid Rosefeld has been having fun lately, and his latest missive about plagarism in film criticism is hilarious.

George Robinson noted this year's IRA Awards; i'm sorry that i had to miss it, but an ocean is a lot to cover. And i didn't hand in a ballot, because i'm a little tired out in terms of the best of 2009.

But i wanted to commend Michael O'Sullivan on his review of the Tom Ford film "A Single Man"; Michael is very clear abouit the changes that Ford has wrought on Christopher Isherwood's original, but Michael also explains how this is an interpretation, and why he considers it a valid interpretation.

Now i'm watching CNN, reporting on the current problems in Haiti as the country tries to rebuild. Now there's a report on the damage done by the nor'easter: parts of Connecticut still have no electricity, power lines are down, it's very dangerous as the live wires remain a possible source of shock or fire.

Sports news has been abuzz about David Beckham's injury and the fact that he won't be able to play in the World Cup.

I've got to start getting focused on writing, but i also want to see a lot of movies. This weekend i saw "Crazy Heart" and i do understand the accolades for Jeff Bridges's performance.

But today was a little insane: snow and winds during the afternoon. If it just rained, maybe i could deal with it, but snow? Again? When does it stop?


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