Monday, February 15, 2010

Enough about the stupid Berlinale!

The Winter Olympics are happening in Vancouver. Weather problems: Vancouver must be one of the few places where it's too warm! And no snow. I wish that Vancouver could export some of the massive winter weather from other parts of the world (like Berlin! or even New York City!). But i've been watching the Olympics on EuroSport, and even though the commentary is in German, i know enough to figure out what's happening.

But as each year goes by, the sadness i feel about the Olympics grows. Because there were three people that i would always watch/talk about the Olympics with: my father, Kenny, and Pauline. In fact with Pauline, once she had retired, there were times when we'd call each other while we were watching the Olympics, and then we'd chat and kibbitz and comment. Those were fun afternoons.

Now all three of them are dead, and i miss them. And i miss talking about the Olympics with them.


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