Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A busy week. Today saw John Boorman's "The Tiger's Tail" starring Brendan Gleeson, Kim Cattrall, Ciarin Hinds and Sinead Cusack. Actually quite a solid movie, very well-done, but it's strange when you begin to realize that a movie like this is now considered unmarketable, and it's being shown as part of the Film Comment Selects series.

Also seen: the 1925 version of "Stella Dallas" (which i'd never seen, and found it to be good, with a little more backstory than the 1937 version, and it moved along briskly), two documentaries that are part of the Documentary Fortnight series at MoMA, "My Daughter the Terrorist" and "Neither Memory Nor Magic", and then a documentary that will have a run at Anthology, "Great Speeches From a Dying World". All three were shot on digital, and they raised the question of the difference between film as a theatrical experience and television. All three turned out to have fascinating subjects, but eventually grew repetitive (and none were very long).

Also saw "Gomorrah", the Italian film about organized crime.

Shall be trying to organize my thoughts more clearly, but just wanted to start the blogging process about these movies.


Blogger Rosalie said...

Dear Daryl Chin,

I came across your mention of the Film Society of Lincoln Center. I need to say something on behalf of my friend, who works there. I won't say who they are or what they're doing there. I know they're afraid to say anything about that workplace because they're afraid of getting fired. But in all the time I have known my friend, I've never seen them so miserable. I visited them there once myself and can only say that everything they told me seems right.

There is a rotten disrespect from the new executive director and her team of people from the Public Theatre toward the old staff. They all sit near each other in offices next to each other, and it creates a Bermuda Triangle effect. There is zero morale. Everybody is suspicious, sad, frightened of speaking out. everybody thinks that their work has been devalued, that the new executive director wants to destroy and re-build so that it will be her place, without any trace left of what made it special. All the old people knew that change was going to happen, but they never expected it to come in such a cruel way. And everybody is afraid they're next. It is now run like a corporation.

This has been tearing my friend apart. I can't stand their suffering. I hope somebody reads this. Thank you.

11:44 AM

Blogger jim p said...

Dear Mr. Chin,

I happened upon your writing while searching: "bernard madoff guy dbord [sic]" - such luck! I rarely read more than a couple lines of a "random" blog but was drawn in by your intelligent commentary from within the art community.

I will be back to enjoy reading what you see and say. Congratulations on your 4 years blogging; many continuing best wishes,


2:37 PM


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