Friday, January 23, 2009

Today was a busy day: went to the press screening of Oscar Micheaux's "Underworld" from 1937. Somehow, sound seems to have totally unhinged Micheaux, because his silent movies such as "Within Our Gates" and "Body and Soul" showed some craft, but "Underworld" is hopeless. But i need to think about Micheaux more...

Went to the post office near Lincoln Center, because there is a passport "office". I got the form to fill out to renew my passport, the woman on duty there was quite nice and helpful, but you can't do passport renewals at branches, you're supposed to mail all the stuff. So when i got home, that's what i did: got an envelope and put everything in it, and mailed it off.

I also had to stop by the bank, to get some new bills for Chinese New Year. In November, when i went to the bank, each time, there was some sort of scene. I think i had to go four times, and each time, there would be a line (which is unusual) and there would always be someone on line who, by the time they reached the teller's window, had worked up to a fit, and would just fall apart. And then there would be a sob story, about having to break into their savings, because they had lost their job, and they weren't sure what they were going to do.

But in December, things had calmed down. There was still a line, but no hysteria. And now, in January, no real lines at all at the bank.

In November, there was such naked desperation and hysteria. There seems to be some calm now, or is it that the worst is happening?

Missed Louis Menand's article at the beginning of the month about The Village Voice. but have been hearing about it. Shall have to see if it's online.


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