Thursday, January 22, 2009

Well, even Charlie Rose is getting into the act: there's a new feature on his program, called "Obama Watch". Now, when George W. Bush was elected, nobody thought to subject him to this kind of daily scrutiny. And look what Bush got away with! Everything from war crimes to constitutional misconduct to total environmental/economic destruction.

Well: Bush left office with a 22% approval rating. But happily, Dick Cheney's approval rating is even lower! Cheney's chain of television interviews last week was amazing: he admits to torture, to spying on American citizens, to breaking the law. And his attitude is: no one will ever bother to prosecute him. But one great note (supplied by Jonathan Turley on Rachel Maddow's show) is that by admitting these things publicly, Cheney has made sure that he can never travel to any country that has signed the Geneva Convention, because he is now an admitted war criminal, and can (and should) be arrested should he ever go to: France, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, et al.


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