Monday, July 07, 2008

It has been more than two weeks since i've written anything on this blog. Well... a lot of deadlines, and rushing to try to complete them.

However: since i was on the computer so long, i started to get burnout from all this typing. And so to relax i went beserk. When i was a kid, one of my hobbies was collecting movie stills. As a (then) dedicated auterurist, my collection (most of which i still have) is by directors: Borzage, Preminger, von Sternberg, et al. (The only producer i have is Val Lewton.) Well: i trolled online... and then i made up albums on my Facebook page. And i now have 24, starting with Godard in the 60s, Agnes Varda, Jacques Demy, Jacques Rivette, Alain Resnais, Chris Marker, Jean Renoir, Robert Bresson, Luis Bunuel, Michelangelo Antonioni, Roberto Rossellini, Luchino Visconti, Edward Yang, Jia Zhangke, Tsai Ming-liang, Wong Kar-Wai, Frank Borzage, Ernst Lubitsch, Nicholas Ray, Joseph Losey, Carl Theodor Dreyer, Max Ophuls, Kenji Mizoguchi and Yasujiro Ozu. On occasion, i update them (for example: i found color stills from Demy's "The Pied Piper" so i replaced the old black-and-white one i had; i went to a French government archive website, where i found much nicer stills from Bresson's "Le Journal d'un Cure de Campagne", so i replaced the old ones i had). It's one of my compulsions....

Anyway, i have been going to movies, there has been a lot i've seen, and i'm rushing now to a screening of the documentary "The Exiles" and shall report on that (and all the other films i've seen since the middle of June) later. I shall also try to explain my frustrations about seeing all those documentaries ("The Slanted Screen", "Hollywood Chinese") and how it impacted what i wrote for ACV this year.

The Asian-American Film Festival is coming up, and it feels a little like old-home-week, in that opening night is a film by Wayne Wang, and the centerpiece is the film that Ed Radtke has been working on.


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