Sunday, June 03, 2007

DVD Beaver is (once again) undergoing another financial crunch. Hopefully, there'll be a way to get some financial stability for DVD BEaver. It's such a fun site, with its technically detailed reviews of DVD releases. But it's such a complex website, with so many pictures and screen captures and so on. It's so expensive for Gary Tooze to keep up. But what's the answer? Because it's almost impossible to keep up an "independent" publication (online or in print) anymore. Most journals i know are either institutionally affiliated or they're the result of somebody's passion (somebody with money). But people should check out DVD Beaver (

Larry noticed a bizarre item in today's NY Times: there's an article by C.J. Hughes about a wall painting found at 151 Wooster Street. The article does note that Edit deAk lived there, but it doesn't mention that she was thrown out a while ago. But it says how the Guggenheim Museum organized an "event" to look at the wall painting, and that Diego Cortez was one of the people there. Diego! I can't believe it. I wonder if Coleen Fitzgibbon saw the article? Coleen, Margie Keller, Christa Maiwald, Jane Kaplowitz all went to the Chicago Art Institute, and Diego was their classmate.


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