Sunday, May 20, 2007

Well, last night, while the panel discussion was winding down, Larry called on my callphone; i hadn't turned it off, so i rushed to answer, and it turned out he was down the block from the Cue Foundation (where the AICA meeting was held). So we met, and went to some of the design openings. At one of the openings, the person who was catering was talking to someone, explaining that the recipe came from the Barefoot Contessa; nice to know that other people are watching the Food Network! But it was drizzly while we were walking around last night. At one of the stores, we ran into John Haffner. He actually moved from NYC for a while, and is now back. We talked about the fact that so many people are now in Brooklyn... like us!

But watched "The Slanted Screen" on Channel 13 last night, the kind of documentary that's really distorted. I mean: i never took Hollywood movies seriously as a sign of my identity. Why would i? But you keep hearing it again and again, about how Hollywood movies emasculate Asian-American men. But no one talks about going to see Asian movies. Certainly, from the 1950s on, Japanese movies were available, and there was the Chinatown circuit, where all those Hong Kong movies of the 1950s and 1960s were shown. Even if these guys were too ignorant to seek out Mizoguchi's movies, why wouldn't they go to see Kurosawa's movies? Why does it always have to be Hollywood?

I can't deal with it. Then i watched "Last Days of Left Eye" on VH-1. A lot of it was padded out with a lot of the stuff that showed up on the "Behind the Music" show on TLC (which had been one of the most amusing episodes of that series). But it was still very poignant.

Anyway, i woke up and i feel terrible. I think i have a cold, and i'm trying to rest, because i want to be able to go to the press screenings over the next two weeks. Every day, there are at least two screenings pre day, and i want to be able to see everything. I'm really looking forward to seeing the three recent James Benning features. But i feel so dreadful! Oh, well, that's what come from walking around in the rain!


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