Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The cold is still here, today it's pretty bad, really feeling stuffed up and coughing a lot. On Monday, did get to see one of the Italian screenings at the Walter Reade: "Billo, Il Grand Dakhaar" directed by Laura Muscardin; a few years ago, she directed "Giorni", a film which proved very popular on the gay film circuit. Here, there's a gay couple, but it's a complicated story about a Senegalese tailor who comes to Italy to try to work in the fashion industry. (He gets involved with the sister of one of the gay men, but there's also an arranged marriage in Senegal, etc.) It was a very lively movie, bright and colorful, "bittersweet" is the word that comes to mind.

On Tuesday, went and saw "If...." Was especially interested in seeing it again because i recently read Gavin Lambert's biography on Lindsay Anderson. What surprised me was how much i remembered of the film.

But went to the NewFest launch party last night. have a feeling i shouldn't have done that, should have just taken a rest when i got home from the screening of "If...." Just feel terrible now, but want to see the screening of "O Lucky Man". But missed the screening of the latest Mario Monicelli movie. Can you believe it? Mario Monicelli? The man must be.... well, when MoMA had its retrospective in the early 1970s, the man was already in his 50s, so what is he now? And he's still directing?

If i did get to that screening, with the Manoel De Oliveira films, that would be a lot of movies by people in their 90s!


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