Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Haven't blogged in a few days, but have been seeing movies. My Netflix queue is near its end, but some Independent Spirit nominees haven't made screeners available. Don't know if i'll get to see "Infamous" before the deadline.

Yesterday, went to see the first of the press screenings for Peter Whitehead's movies at Anthology. "The Fall": a semi-doc about the period of 1967-68 in New York City. The first hour or so is maddening: it's very self-indulgent, and it turns out that a lot of that section is fictional, an "improvised" story about a London photographer in NYC and his encounters with a Italian girl who is a fashion model, and some guy who drives him around. But the final half hour is riveting: Whitehead takes his camera and goes into Columbia University during the student takeover in April of 1968, and suddenly, there are these kids, all so impassioned, and there's an articulation of their point of view...


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