Wednesday, January 10, 2007

There's really no change in the government: Bush is going around claiming to be "the decider". Well, he's certainly a war criminal, at least if any sane international law prevails. The idea of watching him declare a "new" policy in Iraq (simply by intensifying and amplifying the war) is too disgusting. I can't do it!

It's so horrifying to me. All these dystopian visions of the future that have been prevalent since the 1970s: it's connected with the panic felt by reactionaries. In the recent American Scholar, there were some persuasive articles about "pseudo-conservatism"; Ethan Fishman's article, "Not Compassionate, Not Conservative" accurately describes Bush as a reactionary, not a conservative, and his policies are politically, socially, philosophically backward, his policies are based on fear, fear of the unknown, fear of the future. But hiding your head in the sand and then attacking isn't the answer. But that's Bush's answer. And (by the way) Bush's "conviction" that homosexuality is wrong because it says so in the Bible... well, in the very next stanza of the Old Testament, it says that if your children disobey you publicly, you should take them out and have them stoned to death. Since the Bush twins have disobeyed their father publicly (i.e., sneaking out with fake I.D.s and getting arrested for D.U.I.), i don't see Bush taking them out to stone them to death. Since he's a hypocrite about the Bible, he's a hypocrite about everything else. Only if he actually stones his daughters, will he be able to say that he follows the Old Testament faithfully.

What an idiot!


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