Friday, October 06, 2006

Still slogging it out at the NYFF. Today, Manohla Dargis has an overview in the NY Times where she questions the festival for its white elephant choices. The Village Voice is in turmoil: Michael Atkinson and Dennis Lim have just been fired. What will be left? It's time for another alternative weekly in NYC. But it's been time for one for a long time....

It's a matter of gender, i.e., men seemed highly predisposed to liking "Little Children", women are more ambivalent. (Ambivalent? Manohla hates it.) The constant ironic commentary, which undercuts so much of the movie, seems like a slap in the face to most women.

Yesterday, saw the Korean horror film "The Host", saw the latest Alain Resnais "Coeurs" which uses the title of the Alan Ayckbourn play in English "Private Fears in Public Places". In between, had a little talk with William Phuan about ACV's history, and its problems. When i got home, was almost ready to go to the gym, but realized that "Our Mother's House" was on TCM and so just stayed in and watched it, and then rushed to the grocery store, got back in time to see "Ugly Betty" while cooking. One thing: George Delerue's music (for "Our Mother's House") is certainly distinctive.

Well, getting ready to go to three movies today at the NYFF: "Falling", "Triad Election" and "Inland Empire". So far, it's a safe festival. On opening night, when Debby and i were at Alice Tully Hall, we remembered those years when i'd stand in line (after getting my stuff in the mail) for the cheap seats; Manohla talks about the audiences of 1966, coming to the festival to see "Masculine Feminine". But going to the festival, it was always to see something exciting. There have been good movies, De Oliviera's "Belle Toujours" and Weerasethakul's "Syndromes and a Century" come to mind, but nothing with that level of excitement. But maybe today will be different.


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