Monday, October 02, 2006

If John Gotti is the Teflon Don, is the Republican Party the Teflon Party? Why aren't those damned fundamentalist Christian groups screaming for Foley's blood? Where are the protests? These groups wanted Bill Clinton's blood for his affair with a young woman who was: 1) of legal age; 2) female. Yet these same groups which deplore gay marriage have not said a thing about a Congressman who propositioned underage boys. What the hell is this hypocrisy? Or is it just Fox News doing its usual cover-up?

The Republicans have been caught so often recently with their hands in the cookie jar: all the records point to the fact that the White House did indeed have dealings with Abramoff. But the White House claims otherwise, even in light of evidence. George W. Bush figures that the American public is so dumb that all he has to do is say he didn't do something (even if all the evidence shows he did) and the public will believe him. And he might be right. Certainly Condoleeza Rice thinks that's also the case.

But you can't say they're fools, because they're so sure they're winners. And they'll win no matter what.

Yet the hubris is breathtaking. Obviously there is no God, or no gods, or whatever. Because George W. Bush keeps getting away with (literally) murder. What do people think is happening in Iraq? In a tragedy, isn't hubris supposed to be followed by being blinded or having your children dead or something? Why hasn't anything happened to George W. Bush? Why doesn't anything happen to George W. Bush? I mean, life has never been fair, but this is ridiculous!


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