Monday, October 02, 2006

Well, have been trying to see as much of the NYFF as possible, and since Thursday, went to the opening night, saw the short "South of Ten" with the feature "The Queen"; had a very good time at the party, Debby and i talked to a lot of people, had funny conversations with Hisame Kuroiwa, John M. from Anthology, Debbie Zimmerman... there are people i've known for years, and i still don't know their names! It's like you knew them because they klnew people you know, and you always see them at parties, but i couldn't tell you their names!

Oh, well. Over the weekend did not go in to the rpess screenings; figure i'll have to see the movies ("Falling" and "Inland Empire") on Friday, but on Sunday, woke up at 7 and it was pouring and just couldn't face going out in the rain. But it cleared up by noon, and the weekend for the Bay Ridge festivities (the Ragamuffin Parade on Saturday, the 3rd Avenue Street Fair on Sunday) came off without a hitch.

Today went in to see "The Naked Race" and "Our Daily Bread" (another slaughterhouse documentary... well done but how many of these can there be?), "Chronicle of a Jump" and "Poison Friends". The last is a French feature to be released by Strand... tres precieuse.

Tomorrow is the Canadian "Journals of Knud Rasmussen" which i am looking forward to seeing....


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