Saturday, August 19, 2006

Waiting for word on my mother. My mother fell this afternoon, she called my brother, he drove in, he called my sister, she called me en route to my mother's. My sister and her family are there at my mother's, while my brother waits with my mother in the emergency room. And i'm waiting to find out what's happening.

Last night was the next-to-last AAARI talk. Forgot that today was the day when there were those outdoor performances at Governors Island: Douglas Dunn, Elizabeth Streb, Reggie Wilson, and Yasuko Yokoshi present site-specific pieces. I woke up late (well, that's because i went to bed late; i stayed up and watched "The Lady Eve" and "The Palm Beach Story" and "Our Town" on DVD until about 4:30 in the morning) and then tried to figure out if i should rush to go into Manhattan to catch the ferry (at 1 PM) to get to Governors Island in time for the 2:30 performance. So i felt a little guilty, but then my sister called, so here i am waiting to hear how my mother is.....

In Michael Giltz's blog, he notes how everything is connected. Well, that may be true. In the Art & Leisure section of Sunday's NY Times, there's an article about an art exhibit in the Hamptons, which is curated by Edward Albee; one of the artists who is interviewed is Mary Abbott. This morning, we got a call from Charles Lahti that he's going to the Hamptons to see Mary. I've been reading Ross Wetzseon's book and Larry Rivers's autobiography, in which so many of the artists discussed in the NY Times article (like Jane Freilicher, Fairfield Porter, Willem De Kooning, et al) figure, and the idea of the smallness of the artworld. (In his book, Larry Rivers talks about some of the bars the painters would frequent in the early 1950s, and how a lot of the Actors Studio people, like Geraldine Page and Steve McQueen, would stop in as well, and even a young singer who was starting to make a splash, Harry Belafonte.) That was the thing: everyone knew everyone.

And so people i know are doing a performance outdoors, and here i am, waiting to hear what's happening with my mother, how serious this fall is. I also watched the DVD of "Olympia"... i have to say that Pathfinder is one of the worst companies out there, Pathfinder makes Facets look like the Criterion Collection! The DVD (at least, disc one, which is what i looked at) is hideous! Larry noticed how terrible it looks! One of the most beautiful movies of all time, and it looks like sludge!

Anyway, my brother and his wife are with my mother at the emergency room; she's been examined, and they called in a plastic surgeon because the gash on her head is really deep: will it be a real scar?

We'll see what happens.

The news is insane: all this brouhaha over a confession in the JonBenet Ramsey case, while there is so much going on in the Middle East, and the prospects of nuclear testing in North Korea.

Actually, Brandon Aguilar's blog talks about this news diversion (i was clued into Brandon Aguilar's blog by Bill Jones). And Mason Wyler's MySpace page has been restored: all new pictures!

Well, have had a little communication with Brett; he's getting better and is planning a trip to Washington DC next week. Spencer Quest is in a holding pattern: he auditioned for "Naked Boys Singing" and they will give him a job as soon as one of the current performers leaves the show, and his next porn video, the Michael Lucas megaproduction "La Dolce Vita", doesn't start shooting until the end of September.

I've got to change my HMO: i'm still registered with Gouverneur, which is in lower Manhattan, and i no longer live there; there are a lot of doctors in Bay Ridge who take HIP, so i might as well get a doctor in my own neighborhood.

But my mother is so concerned about her appearance; if this accident did anything to change that, the irony would be too much!


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