Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Haven't blogged for a while, but this is not unheard of, as a lot of people find it tough to keep up. Have seen a number of films, including "Boys Briefs 4" (which seemed to receive uniformly negative reviews; why add another to the pileup?); "Been Rich All My Life" (irresistible subject matter); "The Groomsmen"; "Black Moon"; "Little Miss Sunshine"; "The Photographer His Wife Her Lover"; "Hamilton"; "Zero Town"; "The Amphibian Man". There's no coherence in this list, but the Soviet fantasy films ("Zero Town" and "The Amphibian Man") were certainly curiosities.

Oh, well... will try to sort out some thoughts on these films, as well as various other things seen in the last week. The point is: what kind of coherent aesthetic can cover all tehse films? Something like "The Photographer His Wife Her Lover", the Paul Yule documentary about the case of Winston Link and his wife.... the case is just amazing, and the whole artworld emphasis on monetary valuation and the fact that Link (who died some time ago) is now the only photographer to have a whole museum devoted to his work.... in part because of the notoriety which he received because of the various lawsuits between Link and his wife Conchita Mendoza. A very sad story.... but how does that fit with "Black Moon", one of the most misbegotten of Louis Malle's films? Yet i remember that, when it opened, it had a number of very strong adherents, including (if i'm not mistaken) Richard Roud, which is how that movie wound up at the New York Film Festival. But the casting of Joe Dallesandro and Alexandra Stewart as brother-and-sister was remarkably astute: in this movie they did look amazingly alike.

At the press screening of "The Photographer His Wife Her Lover" ran into Ed Halter, Steven Holden, Daile Kaplan and Amy Taubin. At the press screenings for "Zero Town" (or is it "Zero City"? on the print, it's "Zero Town", which i think is better) and "The Amphibian Man" ran into Tony Pipolo, Bill Johnson, Ira Hozinski, and George Robinson.


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