Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The heat. The oppression is so enervating. When there's a heatwave, i'm reminded of the ending of Tillie Olsen's "Yonnondio" when the heat just saps everything. One problem is that, by the weekend, once the heat starts, it just kills any desire to do anything. Read Rockwell's review of Yoshiko Chuma's performance at Gowanus. It sounded so pleasant. In the last week, some things seen: "Hamilton" (a true American indie), "Zero Town" and "The Amphibian Man" (two Russian fantasy films, the latter as cheesy as one of those Universal horrors of the 1950s, like "Creature from the Black Lagoon"), "Quinceanera", a program at Scanners, the Video Festival at the Walter Reade, "Hollywoodland", and "Rocky Road to Dublin" with "The Making of the Rocky Road to Dublin".

More later. Dave Kehr's review of the Mr. Moto boxset is quite intriguing, with its info (culled from the extras on the discs) on Norman Foster.

It was a busy week... what's up for this week?


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